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eResources and eSpace for JCU HDR Candidates and their Advisors

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eGRS provides a secure online collaborative space for students and academics to store and share their work

Upload draft chapters of your thesis, documents, data, photos, and more. Store uploaded documents and data securely for your private use. Share your information with specific people, such as your advisors or fellow students. View a large reservoir of information about writing theses, research skills and working with your advisory panel.

You decide who can view your work and add comments or changes

Files and folders are easy to share. Keep track of multiple copies of edited drafts. You can keep different versions of your documents and also keep track of your meetings with advisors and associated agendas

Who has access to eGRS?

eGRS provides access to all postgraduate students (by research only) and their advisors. To get started with eGRS, or to request access after submission of your thesis, contact the Site Administrator.

Some eGRS content is available to the general public without password access.  JCU staff and students are encouraged to log in using their standard JCU computer account credentials to access content that is 'hidden' from public view.

eGRS Storage Limits

eGRS has large storage capacity, more than enough for most research students' needs.  However, if you wish to upload an extremely large number of files (in the thousands), please contact the Site Administrator for advice BEFORE you upload any files. Where multiple files are to be uploaded, eGRS users have the option of using the FTP client Cyberduck.  Further information is available from the JCU eResearch Centre's Usage Tutorials webpage.

Graduate Research School Website

For all candidature information including enquiry and application procedures, entry requirements, degree courses, Confirmation of Candidature, Mid-Candidature Review, Pre-Completion Assessment and theses examination and graduation, visit the official Graduate Research School website: